Special Events in Seatlle

Morgan Junction Community Festival
This music festival is a kid centered and family friendly event. Hosted by the Morgan Community Association and held at the Morgan Junction Park, this festival is a one day event.

Live music such as jazz, pop, country and rock-n-roll are featured, with some of the music being performed by kid bands. Fusion and alternative music is also a part of the program. Local vendors provide food, which travels through the park during the music play. The traveling food has become as much of a tradition as the festival itself and is known locally as Bite of Morgan.

Wedgwood Art Festival
This festival celebrates all forms of local art. From sculpture and painting, through to various performing arts in a two day event. Located at the Hunter Farms Tree Lot, the site boasts enough room to showcase the many vendors, live bands and local artist that come together for the community.

This is a family friendly event hosted by the Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs. Normally held every July, this festival is in its seventh year.

Seattle Design Festival
This event focuses on the urban design element of the city. Hosted by Design in Public group, as a national chapter of the American Institute of Architects to represent the Seattle area.

Within the festival, visitors and locals alike will learn about the history of the local community and be able to participate in new ideas for the future of the area.

Seattle Seafair
This very large festival that was started back in 1952 and has only gotten bigger as the years progressed. Much like a regular state fair venue, this celebration has the added attraction of electing a Miss Seafair. Rides, games, street parades and the special boat races are also a much-anticipated event within the fair for both visitors and locals. Hosted by the Seattle Summer Celebration group.

PowellsWood Storytelling Festival
This annual event is centered on celebrating the tradition and various styles of storytelling. Hosted by the PowellsWood Garden in conjunction with the Seattle Storytellers Guild.

Storytellers from around the world come to perform at this festival. Workshops on perfecting the craft of storytelling are also offered during the event.