Seattle Shopping

No shopping trip to Seattle is complete without a visit to Pike Place Market. Pike Place Market is a downtown Seattle institution located at the intersection of First and Pike Streets. It features more than 100 shops that sell clothes, souvenirs, fresh produce, seafood, flowers, baked goods and specialty foods. It also features more than 60 restaurants and cafes. Be sure to arrive early to see how the Pike Place Market Preservation & Development Authority prepares the market for a typical day.

Be sure to visit the shops located inside Pioneer Square to learn about Seattle's history. Pioneer Square is located between First and Fourth Avenues. It is a historic neighborhood that is famous for its Renaissance Revival architecture.

Some of the most popular shops located inside Pioneer Square include antique shops, art galleries, vintage stores and pottery stores. Other popular stores located inside Pioneer Square include jewelry shops and upscale department stores. Be sure to visit these stores to learn about how Seattle's downtown area developed into one of the nation's most popular downtown regions.

The stores located near the Space Needle are fun to explore. There are many popular stores located around the Space Needle that are fun to explore. For example, there are several small clothing stores located on Broad Street that offer shoppers an interesting selection of contemporary and vintage clothes.

There are also several department stores located on Fifth Avenue. These stores offer discerning shoppers an intimate setting that is worth experiencing.

Seattle's International District offers shoppers a unique experience. Seattle's International District is located east of Pioneer Square. It is home to more than 40 specialty stores that offer shoppers many imports from around the world.

Some of the most popular specialty stores located in the International District include bookstores, specialty food stores and home furnishing stores. Be sure to visit Kinokuniya Bookstore to mingle with locals who enjoy shopping for items that celebrate Seattle's unique multicultural heritage.

Finally, be sure to visit the stores and shops that dot Seattle's Waterfront District. The Waterfront District is located near Elliott Bay and Stewart Street. It is a popular shopping destination for shoppers who enjoy the area's beauty and vibrant atmosphere.

Some of the most popular shopping destinations located at the Waterfront include the Seattle Waterfront Arcade, Pier 57, the Seattle Antiques Market and Simply Seattleā„¢. Many Seattle residents love visiting these popular shopping destinations because they are located in one of Seattle's most vibrant neighborhoods. Therefore, be sure to spend a day shopping at the Waterfront District to see why Seattle is one of the most exciting places to live.