Attractions in Seattle

Space Needle
This iconic Seattle landmark is easily the most recognizable structure in the city. With a total height of 605 feet, this modern tower stands majestically among the cityscape. It was built for the 1962 World's Fair and has since become Seattle's proudest symbol. A revolving restaurant and observation deck are located inside the top portion. The tower offers spectacular views of downtown, Puget Sound and the Olympic and Cascade Mountains. It is located in the Seattle Center, one of the city's most popular gathering spots.

EMP Museum
Located next to the Space Needle, this unique building features unconventional architecture and a colorful exterior. The museum was the vision of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and was opened in 2000. Exhibitions showcase important memorabilia from music history. Displays featuring science fiction pieces are also located throughout the building. Interactive exhibits let visitors play musical instruments such as drums, guitars and keyboards.

Pike Place Market
This famous city marketplace has been a favorite attraction of many visitors since its opening in 1907. Shops sell merchandise like fresh produce, beautiful flowers and handmade jewelry. Several local artists convene in this space to sell their authentic works. Fish vendors often put on a show for onlookers by tossing fish to one another with rhythmic precision. Street performers provide musical entertainment for the crowds.

Seattle Art Museum Downtown
Precious artworks and historical artifacts from around the world are showcased within this city institution. Paintings, sculptures and photographs provide a visual treat. Contemporary artworks are displayed as well. The museum features several traveling exhibitions throughout the year.

This Seattle neighborhood is an attraction in and of itself. An outdoor statue of Vladimir Lenin transported to the city after the fall of communism in Eastern Europe stands on a street corner. A sculpture providing a unique depiction of people waiting for a tram is frequently decorated by locals. Underneath the Aurora Bridge, a large sculpture of a troll can be seen crushing a car in its hand. The Fremont Rocket display is another eccentric addition to the neighborhood.

Woodland Park Zoo
Located just north of the city center, this popular zoo contains many fascinating forms of wildlife. Colorful birds, charming monkeys and foreboding reptiles are just some of the zoo's inhabitants. Many of the exhibitions have been created to resemble the animals' natural habitats. Beautiful plants and trees are also located on the grounds.